The way an affiliate tracking software works at present

Almost everyone has realized the potential of the affiliate marketing program and is looking to help themselves with it.

Currently, there is a lot of affiliate marketing software around. Almost everyone has realized the potential of the affiliate marketing program and is looking to help themselves with it. But you need to watch out there are thousands of such affiliate marketing software now. It is always better to make an Affiliate Tracking Software Comparison before zeroing on to one. The basic reason for which this software is used is for tracking affiliate conversion rates. There are many methods to do this for example cookie tracking, simple direct URL links, URL Query String tracking, Self replicated pages, sub-domain tracking and Database Record Match Tracking. The Cookie tracking method is mainly used these days to determine the affiliate conversion rates in the most convenient way.

Necessarily the person engaged in the monitoring the activities on the affiliate tracking software should consider some essential aspects for testing the efficacy of the software itself. He should look for flexibility, an easy method to track and administer the software, judging its reliability if an affiliate can surpass this method and lastly the effectiveness of the software for tracking the performance of the website to name a few.

As already mentioned, the cookie tracking method is the most preferred way to track the unique visitors and how likely they are going to become a potential buyer. This method is rather easy to use and does not require any other help. Almost any affiliate software program will be able to work with this method. The concept is also easy, as you know the affiliates insert the affiliate links on their sites when someone clicks this link information about this directly goes to the affiliate tracking software. Almost immediately, this software plants a cookie on the visitor’s browser. Each affiliate link will be accompanied by the unique ID of the affiliate and here the cookie stores the affiliate ID. These cookies have a certain expiration date; this date can be set at will. Now, when the visitor actually buys a product or service the affiliate will be credited. As you can see, the simplicity of the method has made it most popular for tracking conversions. Read more about trackers on

All the other methods as mentioned above apart from the cookie tracking are now used scarcely. The cookie tracking method gets incorporated into the software easily making it convenient for everyone to get the perfect information. Next, there are a number of features that should be present for the best affiliate tracking solution. Since the introduction of the third-party affiliation tracking software, the dependency on larger networks has become less. Those sites were already established and used to charge heavily for keeping affiliate conversion records. Needless to say, once the complexities in these methods have receded the interest to join affiliate marketing programs has seen a tremendous boost of late. As a company, you are welcome to customize the software for a better understanding. By avoiding complex software that usually has multiple features these simple to execute affiliate tracking software are far better. Get tracker discounts on


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